​Child Care services

Under the Child Care Act (Tasmania) 2001, approved licensees and educators are responsible for delivering quality education and care for each child attending a service.

Licensed services are referred to as 'out of scope' services as they are regulated under State legislation, not the National Law.

To meet their responsibilities under the Act, licensees and educators are required to comply with:

  • the requirements of the Child Care Act 2001
  • Licensing Standards - Class 4, Class 5, In Home Child Care (ARB and Carers)

The Child Care Act 2001, section 6, states that the interests of children are to be regarded as the paramount consideration in the interpretation, enforcement and administration of the Act and Licensing Standards.

Licensees and educators may demonstrate this by:

  • a commitment to continuous improvement and quality education and care
  • working with families to meet the diverse needs of each child
  • implementing practices that support the learning, development and wellbeing of each child

The Education and Care Unit (ECU) is responsible for licensing and monitoring services operating under the Child Care Act. Services are required to renew their licence every two years.


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