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'Advancing outcomes for children's learning and wellbeing'

The Education and Care Unit (ECU) regulates education and care (child care) in Tasmania. 

We undertake the core functions of the Tasmanian Regulatory Authority. We are responsible for the implementation of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care (NQF), including the administration of the Education and Care Services National Law (Application) Act 2011 in Tasmania. 

The ECU regulates services approved and operating under the National Law and the Education and Care Services National RegulationsRead more about the National Law

The ECU is also responsible for approving, licensing and regulating a number of child care services under the Tasmanian Child Care Act 2001 and State Licensing Standards. Read more about the Child Care Act 2001

Funding to support the development of quality early childhood services is provided by the ECU through a Grants Program. Read more about the Grants Program

The ECU is a part of the Strategy and Performance division of the Tasmanian Department of Education. Tasmanian State Service and Department of Education policies guide the operation of the ECU.

The ECU has offices located in the North, North West and South of Tasmania.

The Education and Care Unit Stakeholder Reference group (ECU SRG)

Representatives from peak organisations and education and care sector groups are members of the ECU Stakeholder Reference Group. The reference group informs the work of the ECU as the operational regulatory authority for Tasmanian education and care (child care) services. Read more about the ECU SRG.


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