Early Childhood Australia (Tasmania Branch) has been facilitating the development and implementation of specific Tasmanian Workforce Strategies since 2017.

Funding from the Department for Education, Children and Young People, Education and Care Unit continues to support this.

The Early Years & School Age Care Sectors Workforce Strategy Tasmania 2021 & Beyond (EYSAC Strategy) was released in 2021. Its vision is to develop ‘a proficient, professional and activated Tasmanian early years and school age care workforce now and into the future’. The intent is that the EYSAC Strategy is sector-led with all stakeholders working together.

We encourage you to go the EYSAC online hub where you will find helpful information and resources that you can share with others.


The National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy (‘National Strategy’) was released publicly in October 2021. The National Strategy is available on ACECQA’s website along with additional information and resources. This Strategy will be implemented over a period of 10 years and has been developed as a partnership between all governments, the children’s education and care sector, and other key stakeholders. The Strategy has been designed to address complex, long term workforce issues, which have now also been exacerbated by COVID-19.

The Implementation and Evaluation Plan was published on 5 September 2022. This document outlines the actionable steps that will be taken to implement the national Strategy’s actions, along with how progress will be monitored and reviewed. The primary focus will be on the work undertaken in the first three years.

Since the release of the National Strategy, governments, individual service providers and other sector stakeholders have continued to invest in the early years workforce, including through a range of new and enhanced supports aligned to the Strategy’s Focus Areas. Examples of these are outlined in the complementary and supporting initiatives summary released with the Plan.