The ECU encourages providers and services to implement plans to identify, monitor and manage risks associated with emergency, natural disaster and extreme weather events occurring in the area the service operates in (or, in the case of family day care services, the areas the service has registered family day care educators operating in).

When preparing for emergencies, services and provides may consider the following resources:

Importantly, in the event of an emergency situation occurring, each provider and service needs to make decisions that are right for their individual circumstances.

The ECU monitors advice, warnings and alerts issued by TasALERT, the Tasmanian Fire Service, the Bureau of Meteorology and other agencies.  During ECU office hours (9am to 5pm weekdays, excluding public holidays) we may email approved provider primary contacts about advice, warnings and alerts to support providers to identify and manage the risks associated with operating an education and care service or child care service in an area potentially affected by fires, smoke, extreme weather events, poor air quality or other risks in Tasmania.

We encourage providers and services to have steps in place to identify and monitor any risks, especially those that may occur outside our office hours and note that advice, warnings and alerts may update regularly as conditions can change quickly in the event of an emergency.