The Education and Care Unit is committed to operating in a professional manner at all times, guided by the State Service Principles, the State Service Code of Conduct and the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s Professional Standards for Staff. The ECU has clear processes in place to handle any concerns or complaints.

Complaints about the ECU may include:

  • concerns about ECU policy or practice
  • the manner in which personal information is handled
  • matters regarding individual ECU staff members

The matter of concern may be discussed with a manager or an authorised officer.

The person dealing with the concern will try to resolve the issue in discussion with you and, as appropriate, may also seek information from the person against whom the complaint was made.

Initial discussions with the ECU may address your concern and resolve the matter. If you feel that the complaint has not been appropriately addressed, you may decide to lodge a complaint with the Department for Education, Children and Young People. The matter may be considered for investigation, mediation or other course of action, as considered appropriate.

Information about making a complaint is available on the Department for Education, Children and Young People website.

Education and Care Services Privacy Commissioner

The key role of the Education and Care Services Privacy Commissioner is to receive complaints and assist people who believe their privacy has been breached by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) or any of the regulatory authorities of a participating jurisdiction. If you wish to raise a concern about the ECU breaching privacy principles, please visit:

Contact Us

For further information regarding the ECU’s policies or procedures please contact the Unit on 6165 5425 or 1800 816 057 or via

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