The Department for Education, Children and Young People, through the ECU Grants Program, provides grant funding to contribute towards one-off projects which aim to meet the needs of the Tasmanian education and care sector and/or community.

Although recent projects have focussed on the development of resources for the Tasmanian education and care sector, Project Grants are not limited to this type of project. The scope of the Projects funding area is intentionally broad, as this enables the ECU to support a range of projects to address identified needs within the Tasmanian education and care sector as they emerge over time. The broad scope of this funding area also enables the ECU to source professional development for educators or other programs to address issues and guidance requirements identified through consideration of Tasmanian sector data.

Examples of initiatives supported by funding through the ECU Project Grants include:

  • Leading in Early Education and Care Program – September 2023 to April 2024 – targeted program to build upon the capabilities and capacity of Nominated Supervisors and emerging leaders working in ECEC services in Tasmania.
  • Essential NQS Assessment and Rating Workshops – November 2022 – participants developed an understanding of how the planning cycle can guide curriculum decisions, learned how to document children’s learning effectively, heard examples of best practice and developed strategies to effectively communicate with Education and Care Assessors to showcase practice.
  • 2022 Family Day Care Australia Conference Gold Sponsor
  • 2022 Early Childhood Australia National Conference Scholarship Sponsor – support of two conference scholarships reduced barriers for Tasmanian educators and organisations to participate.
  • Early Years and School Age Sectors Workforce Strategy – 2021 and beyond – support the development of a proficient, professional and activated Tasmanian early years and school-age care workforce.
  • Exceeding NQF Conference – March 2019educators explored strategies to improve practice, reflect on their practice and how to demonstrate that high quality practice is embedded in service operations.
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour for Connection Workshop – March 2019 – educators had the opportunity to extend their knowledge of attachment, empathy and self-regulation and to explore strategies that facilitate attachment and trust with children.
  • Risk It! Workshop – May 2018 – introduced educators to risk benefit assessments and practical knowledge of Australian Playground Standards.
  • Marte Meo Workshop – February 2018 – provided educators with the opportunity to learn about improving child-educator interactions and communication.
  • Early Years and School Aged Care Sectors Workforce Plan – 2017-2020 Stages One and Two – development of a strategic plan, in collaboration with the Tasmanian education and care sector, that offers sustainable and timely solutions to complex workforce issues.