The Department for Education, Children and Young People, through the ECU Grants Program, supports continuous improvement in the quality of regulated education and care in Tasmania.

A range of grants are available to eligible organisations, including:

  • Capital Grants (Minor Infrastructure Grants)
  • Recurrent Grants (Operational Grants)
  • Project Grants

The objectives of the ECU Grants Program

  • To support the provision of safe, inclusive, high quality education and care to Tasmanian children, particularly those disadvantaged by geographic or socio-economic circumstances
  • To encourage initiatives that support the Tasmanian education and care workforce, including projects targeted towards enhancing skills and leadership
  • To promote initiatives that aim to increase community understanding regarding the importance of high quality education and care for children

Accountability requirements

Accountability requirements and performance measures for individual grants will vary depending on the type of grant and the amount of funding provided.

For further information about the ECU Grants Program, please contact the ECU.