March 30, 2023

You may have read or heard about changes to the Assessment and Rating (A&R) process. These are national changes which aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of A&R.  The changes include the increased use of partial reassessments and the reduction of notice periods for A&R.

The nationally agreed reduced notice periods for A&R, (between 1-5 days) will be implemented in Tasmania as of 1 May 2023.

In response to the reduced notice period for A&R, services will need to submit their Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) before 1 May 2023. You can upload your service’s QIP through the NQAITS portal using a RAI01 Form (RA requested information).

There is no requirement to change or update your service’s current QIP before submitting it.

Having access to your service’s most recent QIP provides Authorised Officers with the opportunity to be familiar with your service’s goals and aspirations. This will support meaningful engagement and inform preparation for A&R visits.

To make sure that the ECU can continue to access your current QIP, we will send out reminders three times a year to upload your service’s QIP if any changes have been made.

The following are links to resources you may find helpful: